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September 25, 2023

Conserving 30% of California’s Coastal Waters by 2030: Progress Update

California’s coastal waters are home to species and habitats found nowhere else on Earth. Our iconic coastal and marine ecosystems – from sandy beaches and wave-swept rocky shorelines to lush kelp forests and deep submarine canyons – hold tremendous cultural […]

Categories: 30x30, Equity and Environmental Justice, Event, Kelp, Marine Protected Areas, Outreach and Education, Strategic Goal 2: Equity, Strategic Goal 3: Biodiversity, Sustainable Fisheries and Marine Ecosystems, Tribal Engagement

April 25, 2023

Updates from the April 24, 2023 Council Meeting

The April 24 Ocean Protection Council (OPC) meeting moved several efforts forward into next steps and introduced new efforts toward protecting California’s coast and ocean in 2023. Action items on the agenda supporting OPC’s Strategic Plan goals were all passed […]

Categories: Aquaculture, Equity and Environmental Justice, Funding Opportunities and Updates, Grant Projects, Marine Pollution, Marine Protected Areas, OPC meetings, Plastic Pollution, Strategic Goal 1: Climate Change, Strategic Goal 2: Equity, Strategic Goal 3: Biodiversity, Water Quality