Climate Change

Strategic Goal 1: Safeguard coastal and marine ecosystems and communities in the face of climate change

Climate change is having dramatic impacts on California’s coast and ocean, including rising sea levels, extreme weather conditions, ocean acidification, increased ocean temperatures, reduced oxygen,  and changes in marine communities. As ocean conditions continue to change, the consequences will undoubtedly affect a vast number of people and industries. California is one of the world leaders in both addressing climate change and protecting our coastal and ocean habitats and resources. OPC’s Climate Change program seeks to prepare for and reduce harmful impacts of climate change on ocean and coastal resources by encouraging adaptation and understanding of climate change and engaging decision makers at all levels of government. Learn more in our Strategic Plan to Protect California’s Coast and Ocean 2020–2025.

Current Programs

We work with our partners to implement flexible and agile approaches to respond to evolving knowledge and unanticipated changes when they occur. These include impacts to coastal communities and marine ecosystems as a result of a changing climate. 

Sea Level Rise

Dive into our efforts to address coastal resilience and the impacts of sea-level rise.

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Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia

Learn about our role in protecting communities and ecosystems from ocean acidification and hypoxia. 

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Other Climate Initiatives

Get an overview of climate assessments, action plans, and adaptation strategies. 

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California is at the forefront of ocean-climate action.

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Staff Contacts

Justine Kimball
Senior Climate Change Program Manager 

Ella McDougall
Climate Change Program Manager 

Sreeja Gopal
Coastal Habitats Program Manager

Megan Williams

Megan Williams
Coastal Adaptation Program Manager

Christine Sur
Water Quality Program Manager

Ben Dorfman
California Sea Grant Fellow