The Ocean Protection Council (OPC) is mandated to protect California’s coast and ocean for current and future generations. To be successful, our work must be inclusive and reflect the diversity of perspectives and needs of California’s communities. This requires intentional and sustained action to ensure our efforts are equitable and provide benefits to all Californians. Through the implementation of OPC’s Strategic Plan, specifically Goal 2 “Advance Equity Across Ocean and Coastal Policies and Actions”, we have embarked on numerous equity initiatives that involve collaborative partnerships with various stakeholders, including but not limited to, environmental justice communities, government agencies, universities, research entities, non-profits, and California Native American tribes.  

Join the Environmental Justice Advisory Board for California’s Coast and Ocean

NEW! OPC is pleased to partner with Better World Group (BWG) to develop and convene an Environmental Justice Advisory Board (EJ Advisory Board). The EJ Advisory Board will help advise the State to better address the ocean and coastal needs of California communities. Community leaders representing environmental justice and tribal communities throughout California’s coastal and statewide regions are invited to apply!   

The EJ Advisory Board will consist of 8 to 10 individuals who will collaboratively engage and provide valuable equity-focused insights and perspectives to support OPC’s Equity Plan and Strategic Plan priorities that affect California’s coast and ocean statewide. To learn more about the EJ Advisory Board’s purpose, role, and membership information, and for the application link (hosted by Better World Group), review the information sheet. Applications are due by February 23, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

BWG has developed Frequently Asked Questions to assist interested applicants in navigating the application process. Additional questions and requests should be directed to ejadvisoryboard-app@betterworldgroup.com.


OPC Equity Plan

OPC adopted its first-ever Equity Plan at the October 2022 Council meeting. The Equity Plan represents OPC’s commitment to advancing equity across ocean and coastal policies and actions in California, as well as strengthening internal efforts to create a more inclusive workplace at OPC. Specifically, the Plan outlines priorities, milestones, and outcomes to increase communication and outreach; provide targeted funding and technical assistance; improve staff training and capacity; strengthen environmental justice policies, and further integrate community science and tribal expertise into decision-making. The Equity Plan was collaboratively developed with OPC staff and leadership, funding grantee, Better World Group (BWG), and members of OPC’s Equity Plan Environmental Justice (EJ) Advisory Group

Bilingual Services

OPC intends on releasing a final version of the Equity Plan in Spanish. If there are any language considerations or requests before then, please contact: Maria Rodriguez at maria.rodriguez@resources.ca.gov.

Servicios Bilingües

OPC tiene la intención de publicar una versión final del Plan de Equidad en español. Si hay alguna consideración o solicitud de idioma antes de esa fecha, comuníquese con: María Rodríguez en maria.rodriguez@resources.ca.gov.

OPC Tribal Engagement Strategy

At the January 2023 Council meeting, OPC adopted its Tribal Engagement Strategy, which serves as a framework for enhanced communication and partnership between OPC and California Native American tribes on ocean and coastal issues. The Tribal Engagement Strategy was crafted in close collaboration with tribes, including early consultations and listening sessions as well as further consultation and community roundtables on the draft. The Strategy provides specific actions that OPC will undertake to enhance tribal engagement in all aspects of its work. These actions are based on feedback received from
tribes regarding their most significant priorities for coastal and ocean conservation and management.

For more information, please contact our Tribal Liaison, Michael Esgro at michael.esgro@resources.ca.gov.