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September 25, 2023

Conserving 30% of California’s Coastal Waters by 2030: Progress Update

California’s coastal waters are home to species and habitats found nowhere else on Earth. Our iconic coastal and marine ecosystems – from sandy beaches and wave-swept rocky shorelines to lush kelp forests and deep submarine canyons – hold tremendous cultural […]

Categories: 30x30, Equity and Environmental Justice, Event, Kelp, Marine Protected Areas, Outreach and Education, Strategic Goal 2: Equity, Strategic Goal 3: Biodiversity, Sustainable Fisheries and Marine Ecosystems, Tribal Engagement

April 27, 2023

30×30 Webinar Recording Available: Strengthening Biodiversity Protections in National Marine Sanctuaries

Watch the recording of the most recent 30×30 webinar: Strengthening Biodiversity Protections in California’s National Marine Sanctuaries California’s federally-managed National Marine Sanctuaries protect our state’s diverse wildlife, habitats, and cultural resources. State and federal conservation goals offer a unique opportunity to […]

Categories: 30x30, Strategic Goal 3: Biodiversity