California Coastal Geoportal News and Updates

  • The Coastal Geoportal is now available to the Public!!  See the Press Release here.

  • Instructional Video Guides for the Coastal Geoportal COMING SOON!

 About the Coastal Geoportal

The California Coastal Geoportal is a component of the California State Geoportal designed to facilitate the discovery and distribution of geospatial data layers relevant to the state’s coastal and ocean environment.  

Version 1.0 of the Coastal Geoportal was launched in September 2013. Future versions of the Geoportal will be released over time with additional data and improved functionality.  See the Updates section for news on data to be added in the near future.

Feedback on the Portal

The Coastal Geoportal is a partnership project between the California Department of Technology and the California Coastal and Marine Geospatial Working Group.

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