Sustainable Blue Economy

Strategic Goal 4: Support ocean health through a sustainable blue economy

California’s blue economy can create jobs, support livelihoods, build climate resilience, and allow for marine ecosystems to thrive. The ocean economy contributes $44 billion to California’s GDP, spanning tourism, recreation, commercial and recreational fishing, shipping, and other industries, with aquaculture and offshore renewable energy becoming growing sectors. As human uses and needs increase off California’s coast, OPC is committed to ensuring our decisions are informed by the best available science to guide sound use of our coast and ocean. This includes robust and comprehensive research and data to guide the development of offshore wind in California, inform sustainable marine aquaculture, oil and gas decommissioning, and other actions to advance a just transition to a blue economy that offers good jobs and advances ecosystem health. Learn more in our Strategic Plan to Protect California’s Coast and Ocean 2020–2025.

Current Programs

Through close agency collaboration and active support for agency coordination, our goal is to advance a sustainable, inclusive blue economy that also supports a thriving ocean. 

California Market Squid


Find out how we are collaborating with partners to
develop a statewide offshore wind policy. 

Learn more
Floating Offshore Wind Turbine

Offshore Wind

Explore how we are focused on the development
of a statewide aquaculture action plan. 

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Our future depends on sustainable solutions.

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Staff Contacts

Michael Esgro
Senior Biodiversity Program
 & Tribal Liaison

Justine Kimball
Senior Climate Change
Program Manager 

Katie Cieri
Sustainable Fisheries and
Aquaculture Program Manager