Marine Species Synthesis Reports

Project Summary

The California Ocean Protection Act (COPA) states that a goal of all state actions shall be to improve monitoring and data gathering, and advance scientific understanding, to continually improve efforts to protect, conserve, restore, and manage coastal waters and ecosystems (COPA Section 35510).

This project will collect and synthesize information on 28 state-managed marine species to develop 28 Marine Species Synthesis Reports that could inform California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (CDFW) development of Enhanced Status Reports, augmenting 8 Enhanced Status Reports that will be developed by CDFW staff and increasing the amount of publicly available fisheries data. Once complete, the synthesis reports will be posted on OPC’s website and remain accessible to stakeholders, decision-makers and the public, increasing awareness and providing ongoing resources for current fisheries information.

The Marine Life Management Act (MLMA), which was enacted to support sustainable fisheries and fisheries science, requires that CDFW report on the status of sport and commercial marine fisheries managed by the state (Fish & Game Code Section 7065). Enhanced Status Reports will facilitate the effective implementation of the MLMA’s active management goals by providing species-specific information on the fishery (including landings and value over time), past and current management measures, monitoring and essential fishery information, and future management needs. These 36 species have been prioritized by the state in the Interim List of Priority Fisheries (see Appendix E of MLMA Master Plan for Fisheries).This project will improve the management of the state’s fisheries by facilitating implementation of COPA and the MLMA through providing up-to-date, species-specific information on state fisheries to inform sustainable use and conservation of California’s marine resources.

Timeline: April 2018 – July 2019

Grant Amount: Up to $190,503

Grantee: Fathom Consulting

Funding Source: Proposition 84

California Sheephead (CDFW webpage)

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The 36 State-Managed Marine Species

Species for which OPC is supporting marine species synthesis report development:

  1. Bonito
  2. Brown Rock Crab
  3. Brown Smoothhound Shark
  4. California Barracuda
  5. California Bay Shrimp
  6. California Sheephead
  7. California Spiny Lobster
  8. California Corbina
  9. Dungeness Crab
  10. Geoduck Clam
  11. Giant Red Sea Cucumber
  12. Pacific Angel Shark
  13. Jacksmelt
  14. Kellet’s Whelk
  15. Market Squid
  16. Pink Shrimp
  17. Night Smelt
  18. Ocean Whitefish
  19. Pismo Clam
  20. Red Abalone
  21. Red Sea Urchin
  22. Ridgeback Prawn
  23. Shiner Seaperch
  24. Spot Prawn
  25. Warty Sea Cucumber
  26. White Croaker
  27. White Seabass
  28. White Sturgeon

Species for which CDFW is leading development of Enhanced Status Report:

  1. Barred Sand Bass
  2. Barred Surfperch
  3. California Halibut
  4. Kelp Bass
  5. Pacific Hagfish
  6. Pacific Herring
  7. Redtail Surfperch
  8. Spotted Sand Bass

Marine Species Synthesis Reports

Please visit the California Marine Species Portal for the marine species reports.


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