Regional Baseline Monitoring — North Coast

Collaborations abound as data collection continues

Baseline monitoring is now complete! Collaborators across over 30 organizations collected, processed, and analyzed data – partnerships have been key to success. Researchers have completed data collection and their final technical reports. Check out the project pages to read the reports and explore data.

The baseline program was the first step in MPA monitoring. It established a baseline – or benchmark – of ecological and socioeconomic conditions when the regional MPA network took effect and documented any initial socioeconomic and ecological changes in the region in the first few years following MPA implementation.


Following implementation of the MPA network, the California Ocean Protection Council allocated $4-million to fund baseline monitoring inside and outside of MPAs in the region.

The baseline program management team composed of the Ocean Science Trust, Department of Fish and Wildlife, Ocean Protection Council, and Sea Grant congruently oversaw the program.

This team recognized the distinct culture of the North Coast, and welcomed the opportunity to establish lasting relationships with the local community, including tribal governments, resource managers, local experts and scientists – as we collectively work toward a healthy and resilient marine environment.



A Request for Proposals (RFP) was released in April 2013. The RFP was developed through a collaboration among the baseline program management team, North Coast Community Liaisons, North Coast tribes, and North Coast community. Through an independent peer review process administered by California Sea Grant, 11 proposals were awarded funding. (See ‘Collecting Data’ tab for more information on these projects.)