Ocean Litter Strategy Project Resources

The links on this page provide materials that OPC, NOAA, and the Ocean Litter Strategy stakeholders have developed as part of the implementation process. Webinar slides and recordings will be added to this page after each webinar. A link to the progress reporting form is also available at the bottom of this page. For more information on Ocean Litter Strategy Implementation, visit the California Ocean Litter Strategy Project webpage

Webinar Recordings

Plastic Pollution on Tecelote Beach on Santa Rosa Island; photo credit Michaela Miler

Photo Credit: Michaela Miller

For agendas, slides, or more information, please contact Christine Sur (christine.sur@resources.ca.gov) and Christy Kehoe (christy.kehoe@noaa.gov)

Action Items and Resources

The California Ocean Litter Strategy was developed from stakeholder input and engagement between May 2017 and February 2018. The Action Items Progress and Contact Information Spreadsheet is used to understand the current work to implement the Strategy and provides a list of contacts for participating stakeholders.

Interested stakeholders are encouraged to complete the Progress Reporting Form to share actions and updates related to implementing the California Ocean Litter Strategy.