Strategic Goal 2: Advance equity across ocean and coastal policies and actions

OPC’s work must be inclusive and reflect the diversity of California’s communities, including the perspectives and needs of Californians who have been historically excluded from policy and management. This requires intentional and sustained action to ensure our efforts are equitable and provide benefits to all Californians now and in future generations. We strive to engage, partner, and collaborate with environmental justice communities, underserved populations, and California Native American tribes. Our priorities are centered around coastal and ocean access for all, inclusive and accessible engagement in decision-making, and embedding equity within all OPC programs. Learn more in our Strategic Plan to Protect California’s Coast and Ocean 2020–2025.

Current Programs

Through active collaboration and coordination with our partners, we seek to advance systemic scientific research, policies, and restoration projects that reflect the needs of California’s natural systems and communities. 

Equity & Environmental Justice

Explore our first-ever Equity Plan and the
progress towards implementation. 

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Tribal Engagement

Learn how we work with California Native American
tribes to ensure meaningful partnerships. 

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Our coast and ocean are for all Californians.

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Staff Contacts

Maria B. Rodriguez
Climate and Environmental Justice
Program Manager

Michael Esgro
Senior Biodiversity Program
 & Tribal Liaison