OPC Releases the Final State Agency Sea-Level Rise Action Plan for California

Following the February 2022 draft release of the State Agency Sea-Level Rise Action Plan for California (SLR Action Plan), public comment was reviewed and incorporated. OPC is now releasing the final 2022 SLR Action Plan (PDF). The SLR Action Plan is considered a working document with Tribal consultation ongoing and annual updates to reflect the state’s evolving progress to address coastal resilience. The next round of state agency updates will occur in Spring 2023. 

About the SLR Action Plan

SLR Action Plan cover

The SLR Action Plan is a first-of-its-kind, highly coordinated effort to outline a roadmap toward coastal resiliency for the state of California. Developed through intense collaboration and partnership with the 17 state agencies that make up the State Sea-Level Rise Leadership Team, the SLR Action Plan serves as a living document to guide the state in planning and implementing sea-level rise adaptation over the next five years. It builds on Senator Atkins’ landmark legislation, Senate Bill 1, which drives California’s efforts to achieve coastal resilience in the face of rising seas. 

Within the SLR Action Plan are approximately 80 agency-specific actions that are tied to outcomes and deadlines. Structured around the Principles for Aligned State Action (PDF), a section of the SLR Action Plan is dedicated to improving equity and social justice in coastal resilience efforts, strengthening tribal relations, and increasing support for communities entitled to environmental justice.  

For More Information

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