August 2-3, 2010 CSSI meeting

Below is an overview of the California Sustainable Seafood Initative meeting that took place August 2-3 in Costa Mesa, CA.

Meeting Summary

Meeting Presentations:

  • Bill Fox, World Wildlife Fund Foundation – Assessment on wild-pack seafood certification labels
  • Dan Averill, Marine Stewardship Council – Overview of certification program and traceability
  • Ray Riutta, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute – Overview of ASMI program
  • Casson Trenor, Greenpeace
  • Allison Jordon, Sustainable Wine Growers – Overview of California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance
  • Dr. Malcom Lewis, LEED – Lessons Learned from LEED
  • Jonathan Hawes, YottaMark – Traceability program

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