DCTF Meeting- Oct. 7 and 8, 2009

Ukiah Valley Conference Center
Cabernet II Room
200 S School Street
Ukiah, CA 95482


Day 1 – Oct 7th, 2009

1. Welcome, introduction and overview of meeting logistics 
            Facilitation Team (Dave Ceppos, Rich Wilson, Tegan Hoffmann)

2. Informational presentation and DCTF discussion – Management approaches in the Washington and Oregon Dungeness crab fishery 
            Speakers:   Heather Reed, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and Cyreis Schmitt, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

3. DCTF Member report back on constituency input on meeting 2 Workgroup objectives and solutions – management approaches and tools

4. General public comment  
            Facilitation Team            

5. Sport Workgroup report back on progress to date and draft objectives

6. DCTF discussion to combine, refine and consolidate PRELIMINARY DRAFT objectives 
            ACTION:  DCTF Straw Vote – Objectives

7. Informational presentation on California Dungeness crab fishery   
            Speaker:  Peter Kalvass, California Department of Fish and Game       

8. Convene three Workgroups to develop solution packages for assigned objectives

9. General public comment   
            Facilitation Team       

10. Adjourn


Day 2 – Oct 8th, 2009

11. Welcome and recap of Day 1   
            Facilitation Team       

12. Discussion of reporting method for DCTF recommendations to legislature   
            Facilitation Team       

          ACTION: DCTF Straw Vote – Consideration and possible straw vote on reporting methods

13. Reconvene three Workgroups and continue to develop, discuss, and prioritize solutions for assigned objectives   
            Facilitation Team       

14. Reconvene full DCTF for initial report and discussion on each Workgroup’s status   
            Facilitation Team       

15. General public comment   
            Facilitation Team       

16. Full DCTF discussion to develop PRELIMINARY DRAFT Solutions

  • Discuss pros and cons of different solutions
  • Compare / Combine / Refine PRELIMINARY DRAFT Solutions   
    Facilitation Team       

17.  DCTF prioritization exercise PRELIMINARY DRAFT Solutions   
              Facilitation Team, DCTF   

         ACTION: DCTF Straw Vote – Prioritized DRAFT Solutions

18. Closing thoughts, DCTF next steps and action items   
            Facilitation Team       

19. General public comment   
            Facilitation Team       

20. Adjourn


Agenda items may be taken out of order at the discretion of the facilitation team.


* Please fill out a Request to Speak card to provide public comment on non-agenda items or on a specific agenda item.  Comments on Day 1 and Day 2 will be taken during time allocated by the Facilitation Team.  Due to the full agenda and expected attendance, the Facilitation Team will request public comments be limited to two minutes.


Questions about the meeting or agenda can be directed to mrcrabs@scc.ca.gov or 510-286-4172.

Any person who has a disability and requires reasonable accommodation to participate in this council meeting should contact Rachelle Fisher (rfisher@scc.ca.gov or 510- 286-4172) or Cina Loarie (cloarie@scc.ca.gov or 510-286-4092) no later than five days prior to meeting.

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