University of Southern California Sea Grant

Nationally, the Sea Grant College Network consists of 30 university-based programs funded primarily by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), dedicated to the understanding, conservation, and sustainable use of coastal and marine resources.  There are two Sea Grant programs in California based through The University of California, and the University of Southern California (USC).

The USC Sea Grant Program focuses primarily on the state’s southern coastal metropolitan region, with particular emphasis on topics related to the urban ocean.  Their priorities include protecting water quality, improving port and marine transportation operations, ensuring shoreline stability and preventing coastal hazards, and promoting the sustainable development of coastal areas. The OPC partners with the USC Sea Grant programs to review scientific proposals and projects as well as to administer grant awards for oceanographic research specific to California.

OPC and USC Sea Grant Research Projects

Each year, the OPC and USC Sea Grant Program develop a call for research focused on water quality.  By examining a single priority issue through multiuple research projects, it is envisioned that more robust and applied outcomes will be achieved.

Summary of Funding Projects (8MB):A summary of all the scientific research projects funded by the OPC through the USC Sea Grant Research Program.

Council Documents

A listing of the staff recommendations by each award year and concurrence documents with descriptions of the projects funded follows below:


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