Dungeness Crab Task Force Members

Note: The Dungeness Crab Task Force ceased to exist on January 1, 2011, consistent with the provisions of SB1690.

Sport Fishing Representatives

  • Kevin McKernan
  • Ben Sleeter

Crab Processing Representatives

  • Bill Carvalho, Carvalho Fisheries
  • Paul Johnson, Monterey Fish Market

Commercial Passenger Fishing Vessel Representative

  • Roger Thomas, F/V Salty Lady, Golden Gate Fishermen’s Association

Nongovernmental Organization Representatives

  • Johanna Thomas, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Richard Young, California Association of Harbor Masters and Port Captains

Sea Grant

  • Carrie Pomeroy, Sea Grant Marine Advisor
    • Note: As of January 2010, Dr. Pomeroy will be replacing Dr. Jim Waldvogel as the Sea Grant representative on the DCTF

California Department of Fish and Game

  • Brooke McVeigh
  • Lt. Steve Riske

Dungeness crab pile_Rachelle Fisher

Commercial Fishing Representatives

  • Crescent City, Lower Production Level
    • Bill DeBacker (F/V She N I and F/V Jard)
    • Lee Wilson (F/V Gold Coast)
  • Crescent City, Upper Production Level
    • Brett Fahning (F/V Rogue)
    • Gerry Hemmingsen (F/V Pollux)
  • Trinidad
    • Mike Zamboni (F/V Lucky 50)
  • Eureka, Lower Production Level
    • Don Standley (F/V Terry S)
  • Eureka, Upper Production Level
    • Michael Cunningham (F/V Sally K)
  • Fort Bragg, Lower Production Level
    • William Forkner (F/V Shirley and F/V Audrey)
  • Fort Bragg, Upper Production Level
    • Vince Doyle (F/V Verna Jean)
  • Bodega Bay, Lower Production Level
    • Stan Carpenter (F/V Sandy B)
  • Bodega Bay, Upper Production Level
    • Chris Lawson (F/V Seaward)
  • San Francisco, Lower Production Level
    • Lawrence “Larry” Collins (F/V Autumn Gale)
  • San Francisco, Upper Production Level
    • John Atkinson (F/V New Rayann)
  • Half Moon Bay, Lower Production Level
    • Jim Anderson (F/V Alliane)
  • Half Moon Bay, Upper Production Level
    • Geoff Bettencourt (F/V Moriah Lee)
  • South of Half Moon Bay
    • William “Bill” Blue (F/V Morning Light)
  • California Nonresident
    • Randy Smith (F/V Mistasea)

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